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Support From MPI Chief Science Advisor

MPI Chief Science Adviser, Dr John Roche said “Scholarships are an investment in New Zealand’s future and will help build science and technology capability and promote the exciting range of science careers on offer across our primary industries, from fisheries to forestry, agriculture to food and bio-security.” He is referring to postgraduate science scholarships for PhD and master’s students undertaking primary sector research. Agri Training echo this sentiment and are also recognising the importance of introducing people to primary industries at an entry point through education by offering their own scholarship opportunity where applications open from Mid-October.

Dr Roche says “New Zealand’s primary industries offer potential to work in an incredibly diverse range of areas that are important to building New Zealand’s sustainable future.” “These include protecting and sustaining land and water resources, innovating through genetics, harnessing the value and power of data to develop production systems that have a positive impact on the environment, and responding to changing consumer food preferences.”

Agri Training Co-Founder Matt Jones says, “Scholarships are a great way to have people not only consider your programme but also allow talented people a chance to fully realise their potential by being included if they otherwise couldn’t have been”. Agri Training understands how competitive the education environment is and with a broad range of options in the market a scholarship needs to stand out especially when a traditional industry like agriculture. This traditional industry is now in competition with the likes of computer science which wasn’t present 30 years ago.