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Open Day, and you’re invited

Agri Training are officially launching their 2020 programme with public open day and are extending the invite to all members of the public to come and meet the management team and explore the new facility. Agri Training General Manager Greg Barnaby said, “We’ve had strong interest from the public about our education programme with calls coming in every day, and this is the chance for the people we’ve been speaking with to come and meet in person and get a feel for the facility and begin engaging with us about the 2020 programme”. The invite has been extended to those students plus parents who are also keeping an eye out for career pathways for their school leaver kids. The study opportunity with Agri Training is also open to people with industry experience who may be working right now but want to also add qualifications to their current industry experience. All members of the public are welcome to attend the open day whether you are considering the Diplomas or not.

The invite is also open to the media who have come back with interest about the Agri Training programme and are keen to follow the evolution of learning on the iconic site that has contributed so much to New Zealand’s agricultural innovation. Greg Barnaby said, “We knew there would be interest in the education programme but we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the overall interest from the rural community who have positive memories of this site and are wanting to come and see how things are evolving.

Interview and photo opportunities will be available for media who are being encouraged to RSVP to [email protected]

The open day includes a BBQ lunch and refreshments for attendees. Times, dates, and location as below.

13 December, 670 Dromore Methven Road, Winchmore 7772

12pm    – Welcome

12.30     – Official Opening

4pm     – Conclusion