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Meet Matilda

Agri training's Matilda the cow

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Free training sessions, 13 – 25 July, Monday to Friday

Modeled to a life size cow, Matilda is an anatomically correct wooden structure, with realistic silicone parts for the udders and back end. Careful consideration has gone into the materials used for the internal structure of the cow, so students and employees get a real feel of what it’s like to birth a calf. The only training cow of her kind in the South Island, Matilda offers an incredible, realistic experience of what it’s like to birth a calf. Absolutely anyone can have a go with Matilda, with zero risk for both animal and people. Book a free training session for you and your team to come and check her out!

Get hands on training before the calving season

Birthing calves takes skill and technique. With Matilda, your employees can practice the fine art of birthing a calf before the season gets underway. With the transparent sides, employers and trainers can easily assess the technique being used and provide advice and training in real time.

Practice makes perfect

There’s a lot at stake when birthing calves and not a lot of room for error. Make sure your employees are confident and skilled in the lead up to birthing season. Use Matilda to show your employees your method of calving or take our Training Advisor’s advice.

No surprises

Matilda allows us to recreate any scenario, so you and your staff are prepared for anything. You’ll learn the different ways a cow may present and what these mean, meaning you and your staff know when to make the right calls – you’ll know when it’s safe to continue birthing on your own, or if a vet needs to be called in.

No animals were harmed in the training 

Trainers feel uncomfortable using live animals for training, not only because of the lack of ability to visually confirm that the trainee’s technique is up to standard but because it can be an uncomfortable experience for live training animals as well. Using a training cow means no live animals are put in harm’s way – something all farmers are passionate about.

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13 – 25 July, Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm

Winchmore Research Station, Ashburton

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