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Creating a Stronger Agriculture Sector in New Zealand

Our vision is to create the next generation of agricultural knowledge and leadership through our elite education programme. Agri Training’s Diploma in Agriculture & Diploma in Agricultural Business Management are both backed by City & Guilds making the qualifications globally recognised for graduates and employers.

Our programme is run from the site of the former Winchmore Research Station. This iconic agricultural institution lead the way in farming innovation and we’re proud to continue the tradition of education to once again develop and strengthen primary industries.

Our Purpose

Agri Training’s fundamental purpose is to lead Primary Industries qualification standards to an all-time high while preserving respected farming traditions. Our partnership with City & Guilds offers graduates and employers confidence knowing the strength of this international qualification.

Learning and Teaching

The learning and teaching belief structure at Agri Training is driven by a desire to create a stronger agriculture sector in New Zealand.  Our focus is to ensure students graduate with the entire range of skills and knowledge that is required to succeed and lead in the primary industry.

NZ's Next Generation of Community & Company Leaders

Our aim is to encourage and develop the next generation of elite farmers through elite education to lead industry and community. Agri Training is a world class learning environment giving young people the chance to learn first-hand about the agriculture sector. A graduate of Agri Training will be prepared to an elite standard ready to progress to leadership roles either in the farming community or the greater primary sector.

Industry Experienced Educators

Our Educators have demonstrated significant industry experience and are still active in the operation and management of farms and have a range of on and off farm diversification. This enables the provision of a professional, well-rounded learning environment for students. Agri Training are equipped with the skills and technology required to ensure their teaching methods are suitable for today’s students.

Pastoral Care - Supporting You, To Be Your Best

Students are at the heart of everything we do and ensuring that they have a positive experience during their programme and employment. Our dedicated student advice and support network is committed to looking after students physically, mentally and emotionally throughout their journey.

Our Farmers

Agri Training have worked to build a network of accredited farmers who understand and support our education programme by investing time into students, as mentors. Agri Training liaise with the farmers to arrange placements for students for when they start the Diploma. The programme is designed for on farm learning so students can be working to create a ‘Learn and Earn’ opportunity. This is a valuable introduction to farm life for students as their studies are in a real world farming environment.


Advisory Board – Ensuring Advice from the Best People in the Industry

Agri Training’s Advisory Board brings together a group of industry focused individuals who all share a genuine interest and passion for the primary industry.

The board is driven by a desire to see world class vocational training and achieve positive educational outcomes for the primary sector. They provide guidance for governance and compliance to ensure effective and rewarding outcomes are achieved that are beneficial to the success of the long-term primary industry in New Zealand.

Leadership Team

Greg Barnaby

General Manager

Greg’s career history includes management in a corporate environment across the banking and brewing industries, and with Carter Holt Harvey in horticulture and agriculture. This is combined with 20 years of business ownership and management in primary industries including dairy farming across the South Island. This, along with experience in practical assessment and skills-based health and safety training will see Greg continue to lead Agri Training into the future as a world class education provider.

Paul Drury

Head of Teaching

Born in Mid Canterbury, Paul began his career in agriculture working on a Fresian stud before becoming multi qualified with a Bachelor in Agriculture Commerce and related Diplomas. Paul has worked as a consultant with the NZ Dairy Board. His teaching career includes: writing course material for the Open Polytech, Lincoln, Taratahi and managing the Francis Douglas farm, teaching students farm management structure and systems for successful careers, along with curriculum delivery.

Agri Training

Elite Education

A World Class Learning Environment

Strengthen Primary Industries


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