School Leaver's Programme

Agri Training’s School Leaver’s Programme is a comprehensive 4 week multi-activity, residential, training programme. Students will be staying in Agri Training’s residential facility during the programme and will be able to focus on the skills-based programme that delivers the perfect platform to build their agricultural knowledge and provides the foundation for their future as a leader in the primary industry.

This is a full-service training, recruitment and work and life skill development programme that takes students who are passionate about the industry and enables them to work safely on farm and be a productive team member from day one.

It doesn’t matter if you grew up in Epsom or Outram, with the right attitude we can develop your career in the primary sector.

  • 100% of our students are earning while completing their diplomas
  • Jobs are available with our accredited employers

Agri Training educates you to the highest standard, providing a supportive environment and ensure success by placing you in employment to begin your career in agriculture.

The Benefits of Residential Training

Students who have completed the residential programme will develop leadership skills, have a greater resilient, be focused on working towards defined goals. They will be tenacious and be able to make good decisions and demonstrate a positive can-do attitude. They will begin their careers viewing obstacles differently to everyone else, which will be tackled head-on rather than used as an excuse.

What Does Residential Training include?

Our residential training programme includes elite, comprehensive and high-quality training. The added bonus is that attending a residential programme provides a more intensive learning experience, where learners and trainers have additional time to collaborate at length and share real world examples of not only implementing course content but also life and employment skills.


  • Course materials and examinations
  • Accommodation
  • Additional tutor support outside of normal classroom hours
  • All meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner for the duration of your course
  • Free Wi-Fi

Who does Residential Training?

The Residential Training Programme is compulsory for all students enrolled in one of our diplomas if they are school leavers or have not had experience working in the primary industry.

How much are the Residential Training Programme Fees?

Residential Training Programme Fee is $500 per week (Mon – Fri) for the duration of the full 4-week course (Total $2000, please note this is in addition to the Diploma you are enrolled in). – Please note weekend accommodation (Sat – Sun) is an additional $100 per day.

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