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Calving Skills

Calving Skills

What is it?

We conduct practical hands-on calving skills workshops using our anatomically correct cow ‘Matilda’.  Matilda allows us to recreate any scenario, providing trainees with the opportunity to accurately simulate a range of calving situations. Our course is designed to meet the needs of both people new to training or as a refresher to allow a consistently effective approach to calving.

Why sign up?

The aim of this course is to ensure trainees are confident and skilled in calving with the lead up to birthing season.


  • Employer: Birthing calves takes skill and technique, and there’s a lot at stake. Our tutor has decades of experience to help trainees prepare for any scenario resulting in reduced mortality rates.  
  • Employee: You will learn when to make the right call by gaining increased confidence and knowledge in dealing with difficult situations as they arise.
Learning outcomes

Successful trainees will be able to identify and perform a number of calving scenarios, utilising learned skills and knowledge to cope with difficult situations which will help to improve calving methodology on the farm.

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29 Jun 2021


9:00 am - 4:00 pm