Fencing for Beginners

Fencing for Beginners

What is it?

Our beginners course teaches trainees how to repair common fencing issues with a focus on tying fencing knots, retensioning and, where necessary, repairing electrical faults.

The aim is to help trainees develop the skills to carry out repairs as faults are identified. Helping to save both time and money.

Why sign up?
  • Employer: Your staff will gain the skills to fix minor faults and breakages on the go helping maintain livestock security.
  • Employee: You will expand your range of skills helping to support your role and to develop your career.
Learning outcomes

Successful trainees will be able to permanently repair broken wires in a variety of situations, effect a temporary repair where a post is broken and diagnose and repair basic electric fence issues.

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28 Sep 2021


8:30 am - 4:00 pm