Diploma in Agriculture – Sheep, beef and deer

Livestock farming - beef, sheep and deer

A comprehensive look at practical and technical skills and requirements around farm operations on a livestock property.

You will learn firsthand about monitoring and feeding livestock, animal health and welfare, breeding programmes, buying and selling of livestock, and the maintenance of the farm facilities, machinery and structures.

This Diploma is suitable for school leavers or young people with a passion for raising livestock. 

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Diploma Duration: On average a diploma will take you 18 to 24 months

Fees: Register your interest and depending on your previous rural experience, your training goals and career aspirations, we will provide a customised fees plan.

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What’s in this Diploma? 

Health & safety

Animal Welfare

Analysis and management of production systems, health and welfare of all stock classes, stockmanship and reproduction.

Pasture Management

Includes recording and analysing pasture growth, management of nutrients and fertility, feed budgeting, and benchmarking.

Health & Safety

Knowledge of relevant legislation and industry best practice, skills and training on all aspects to ensure the safety of self and others, knowledge of procedures and processes to ensure compliance.

Environmental Sustainability

Understanding the Resource Management Act including provisions for the reduction of farming’s impact on soil, water and riparian protection.

This unit of study also includes a focus on sustainable irrigation, agrichemical and nutrient usage plus keeping relevant records/documentation.


A comprehensive programme covering all common vehicles and plant, their operation and maintenance. Recognition of occupational health and safety appropriate equipment.



Why study with us?

This is real training with real outcomes – it’s not classroom based learning. It’s hands-on training giving you practical skills. It’s been designed by Kiwi farmers for Kiwi farmers to ensure graduates receive a trade qualification in agriculture which is totally relevant.

We’ve taken tradition, added in technology and developed an internationally recognised diploma which delivers the highest level of industry qualified professionals.

We’re growing tomorrow’s farmers today!

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We’ve got an awesome team to guide you through your diploma. Better still, throughout your training, we bring in some of the most highly regarded people in the industry to share knowledge and experience with you.

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