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Diploma in Primary Business Management

Become a business manager in the primary industries

The Diploma in Primary Business Management offers practical, relevant and applied learning, while you continue to work, providing you with the core skills to manage business in the primary industries. From financial management, business planning, staffing and sustainability, this prepares you to run successful enterprises in an agribusiness operation.

Add in comprehensive financial and people management and your qualification places you ahead of the competition here in New Zealand and abroad.

Graduates leave the course with competencies in the following modules:

  • Business planning
  • Managing business risk
  • Marketing and market forces
  • Investment and finance
  • Human resources management
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Performance Management
  • Infrastructure and machinery management

The Diploma in Primary Business Management offers real training with real outcomes in the primary industries.

This diploma is suitable for trainees who have a well-rounded set of skills and experience in a real-world setting. It builds on what you know and prepares you for a career in business management.

To apply you must be living and working in a management position in New Zealand.

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Diploma Duration: On average a diploma will take you one to three years. 

Fees: Register your interest and depending on your previous rural experience, your training goals and career aspirations, we will provide a customised fees plan.

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Business Planning

Business planning is essential to the success of any business. Preparing a strong business plan with consideration for your specific business will help to build a road map to business success.

After completing the Business Planning module you will be able to create a long-term plan to ensure business continuity and growth. This module will allow you to develop skills in data collection and management to help drive specific strategies for managing risk and to help strengthen your decision making.

Environment & Sustainability

Understanding the impact of your business on the natural environment is critical in today’s world. It is important you understand how to develop and deliver a sustainable land management system while considering the impact of your business on the environment.

In this module you will develop your knowledge on what systems, techniques and procedures can assist with improvements as well as develop your own sustainable land management system. You will learn how to get the most out of your resources without compromising on regulatory compliance.

Financial Management

Budgeting, expenditure and forecasting can be detrimental when managed incorrectly. In this Financial Management module you will learn budget development, administration management, forecasting and managing taxation for business growth.

Developing your knowledge and confidence in financial management results in better communication with banks and advisors for financial success.

diploma in primary business management - earn while you learn

Human Resource Management

Understanding labour requirements and developing the right team are fundamental for business success. Learn how to establish, develop and nurture a successful team.

The Human Resource Management module will guide you through analysing labour needs and creating a management plan to achieving maximum efficiency from your team.  During the course you will learn performance management skills that can enable you to reach targeted goals while developing a system of health and wellbeing in the workplace.

real training with real outcomes | diploma in primary business management

Risk Management

Risk management is essential for growth in any business. Learn how to create and manage international and local compliance for your business type.

At the end of the Risk Management module you will be able to effectively create and deliver a marketing plan while analysing and managing business risk. You will develop and understanding of the complexities of international and local compliance while identifying the markets and how to market your products and services. Ensure your businesses future with greater understanding of risk management and associated requirements.

internationally recognised diploma in primary business management

Performance Management

Performance management of physical resources, tender processes and external contractors is crucial for operating a profitable business.

In the Performance Management module you will demonstrate an understanding of the marketplace, whether selling into a co-op or direct to market. This will include how to maximise opportunities, how to streamline your processes and how to benchmark against competitors. 

learn while you earn with the diploma in primary business management

Infrastructure and Machinery Management

Understanding the cost and value of your equipment, infrastructure and improvements is critical for production.

In the Infrastructure & Machinery Management module you will learn how to analyse total cost of ownership, lease and contracting options as well as creating a management plan to ensure equipment is reliable and efficient. This module includes managing water supply and irrigation correctly and analysing machinery options. 

Real training with real outcomes

Diploma in Primary Business Management - why study with us?

This is real training with real outcomes developing whole business management skills.  We’ve taken tradition, added in technology and developed a diploma which delivers the highest level of industry qualified professionals.

Learn from the best with our Diploma in Primary Business Management

We’ve got an awesome team to guide you through your diploma. Better still, throughout your training, we bring in some of the most highly regarded people in the industry to share knowledge and experience with you.

diploma in primary business management

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