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Farm Cadets

This initiative provides flexibility, certainty and stability to employment for both our trainees and the Partner Farmer.

If a farmer does not have the capacity to employ and train someone full-time, this scheme provides flexibility to take on someone part-time.

Farmer flexibility through Farm Cadets

Labour shortage is a common theme in rural businesses, so if you need help, but only on a part-time or seasonal basis, we can supply a farm cadet who is passionate, committed and work ready.

  • You get another pair of hands exactly when you need them.
  • No need to commit to a full-time employment contract.
  • No administration. PAYE, holiday pay, annual leave entitlements or any other paperwork to worry about – we provide one simple monthly account and then we take care of EVERYTHING!
  • You get a well-rounded employee. Someone who is working at one to two other farms, so they’re gaining valuable and varied experience.
  • Commitment – our Cadets are committed to their education, have skin in the game and are fully supported. They are looking for a career – not just a job.
  • Continuity of knowledge – you-re not always retraining casuals.
  • No recruitment – we take care of this and provide the pastoral care.

Making training accessible to everyone

Matching farmers with the right trainees is fundamental to what we do here at Agri Training. If you only need someone on the farm part-time, we’ll make this easily achievable. Better yet – you get a trainee who is getting a multidisciplinary set of experiences.

For the trainee... more experience - less tax!

  • You can work on two to three different farms regularly gaining a broad and expansive pool of experience. These collective employers will add up to full-time employment.
  • You don’t pay secondary tax because you are directly employed by us through the Farm Cadet scheme. One employer – one tax payment.
  • You remain in training and have the benefit of being exposed to a broader range of tasks and experiences.

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