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Creating tomorrow's farmers today


Training is a partnership

To deliver productive, knowledgeable workers into the rural industries, we need passionate farmers committed to growing the leaders of the future. 

Our trainees want to be the next generation of farmers, but they need you – the current custodians of our great nation to take them under your wing and help their dreams take flight.

You know better than anyone that farming is about doing. We give our trainees the knowledge, but the magic happens when they work under the guidance of experienced farmers – gaining the skills, thinking and experiences needed to get the job done. 

The Agri Training programme has been developed by Kiwi farmers for Kiwi farmers and is practical, relevant and hands-on. The learning is backed by the tools, technology and support to meaningfully grow the next generation of agricultural experts.


We make hiring a trainee easy?

The Diploma in Agriculture is a ‘earn as you learn’ programme. Think apprenticeship style working. 

We’ve worked hard to make it easy:

  1. We’ve found the most committed trainees – the ones who really are passionate about getting their hands dirty and their brains expanded. They want to work!
  2. We put them through our rigorous Agri Training Academy, to ensure they’ve got the foundation skills. This goes beyond being useful in the shed or paddock – we’ve made sure they have the practical and life skills to be useful. They are ready to work!
  3. You employ your trainee under a normal employment arrangement. They work for you!
  4. They use the skills and experience to help inform their learning. They receive trade-relevant Diploma in Agriculture.

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Our farmer partnerships

Whether it’s you, or your farm manager or another experienced worker taking the lead in supervising the trainee – we will work with you to develop the next generation of industry qualified professionals who are fit for purpose.

Our advisors are armed with some simple resources to help you:

  • provide industry appropriate feedback
  • evaluate competency and report achievement
  • develop a career plan with trainees.

3-way partnership

Our win-win-win Training agreement ensures:

    1. you get the employee needed on farm
    2. the trainee gets the mentoring and experience required 
    3. we create successful graduates by delivering superior training, giving ongoing training support and pastoral care.

Can't afford a full-time pair of hands?

Through our Farm Cadet programme,  we can provide you with exactly what you need – a part-time trainee. In return for guiding the trainee and paying our invoice – we take care of the rest. You get a Farm Cadet for the hours you need them, without the hassle of entering into employment contracts. 

This also gives you the chance to be more selective about the skills and experience you hire onto your farm team – if you only need someone two days a week to help with stock management – we can deliver that.. 

Your commitment is sharing your skill and passion for the land – ours is making it easy for you to do this.