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Fencing Skills

Providing practical hands-on instruction from basic repairs and maintenance to solving complex fencing problems.

These courses provides your team with the practical skills and clear decision making needed to keep your fences well-maintained.  The practical hands-on instruction includes training on:


  • Repairing minor faults and breakages including electric fences
  • Tying strong and durable fencing knots
  • Tensioning and retensioning of wire

Intermediate – trainees must have completed the beginners course or be able to demonstrate basic fencing abilities

  • Fence planning, design and material section to meet stock needs

Advanced – trainees must have completed the intermediate course or be able to demonstrate intermediary fencing abilities

  • Hanging gates
  • Fence construction, design and planning to cross waterways and on undulating terrain

This is practical hands-on instruction with real outcomes, providing practical skills or refreshing what’s already known.  Our short courses are designed to ensure our training is relevant. Find out more about other Agri Training courses here.

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