Urban Farm Fest

Urban Farm Fest

Introducing urban youth to rural job opportunities and living.  This is a one day festival where you get a fun, hands-on understanding of career opportunities in the food and fibre industry. 

It’s a roll-your-sleeves-up event with interactive demonstrations, team games and a good dose of what rural life is all about and what careers are available. Anything from life on farm to management pathways across the industry.

About the industry

Food and fibre is going through a growth phase, so now’s the time to get on board and grab one of the many opportunities in the primary sector – it’s more than just the farm – there are hundreds of jobs with structured and dynamic pathways to management roles and most importantly – never a dull moment. 

You don’t always need to have a tertiary education to reach management levels and the food and fibre industry has provision for hands-on practical learning underpinned with theory to give you the leg up you might need.

Who’s this for? 

This event is designed for urban youth between 16 – 24 years old who are looking for a career, and who are practical hands-on learners. 

Someone one who hasn’t quite found what you are looking for, or are in an entry level job but can’t see a pathway for moving up the ladder, or maybe still, someone who is still at  school and wants to explore what options are in the rural sphere.  

If you think this might be you, then come along and find out what’s on offer.  Not you, but might be someone you know?  Let them know about the Urban Farm Fest, it might be the start of their ultimate career. 

Time allocations

Because we want everyone to get the most out of this event, we are booking starting slots so we  can guide and manage the experienceThis will ensure each group gets enough time at each interactive station. We are anticipating that groups will be 12 to 15 in number.

But what if I don’t have a group?  

Don’t worry!  Grab your mates and come along and we will assign you a group.  Want to come on your own, we can manage that too. All we ask is to get involved at the event and get the most out of the day.  

Or…what if my group is bigger?

If you want to bring a larger group we would book two slots to make sure everyone gets the full impact of the day. 

“Rural Games” Urban Farm Fest Style

As well as exposing you to rural career opportunities and life, we’ll be holding our version of a “Rural Games”, featuring both individual and  team events. It’s about getting connected, and having fun – it really sums up rural living!

There will be prizes and giveaways to help the competitive edge. 

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